Der Tanz der Pelikane

The Girl: comes from a rich aristocratic family of Sachsen Anhalt where she is the fifth and last of the daughters in the family. All of her sisters are tall, blonde and beautiful while she is the only short one with brown eyes and brunette hair. All her life, she felt neglected by her sisters, her parent’s unconditional love and the appreciation from the male gender. She sits alone in the park near the ‘River of the Pelicans’ every day, contemplating suicide but still, hoping for a miracle of happiness somehow.

The Boy: is the third son of Henry, the Duke of Anhalt-Köthen. Although he has grown up with lavish lifestyle and much love and attention, he has always searched for his true love. He has high social skills and is able to interact with anyone.

One day, as the Girl is contemplating about her life next to the river of Pelicans, she is approach by the Boy and their lives will be changed forever.


Written and Directed by: Jibran Khan

Cinematographer: Robin Jochem

Cast: Frederik Bechtle, Frederike Lausch